Just Now, Guerlain secret de la reine which sells for 3.6 million, was ordered at Tmall.


    Guerlain is a subsidiary corporation of LVMH group. Just now, Guerlain secret de la reine which sells for 3.6 million, was ordered at its Tmall official flagship store.

    limited ONE piece worldwide, sell on Tmall exclusively

    The limited edition fragrance only is sold one in the world. It is a couture perfumed jewelry, which set with watch, jewelry and perfume in one, as well as brooch and necklace. The fragrance which is made up of 14 carats of diamonds and has been sold for 500 hours. It sold through Tmall subordinate Luxury platform, Luxury Pavilion, exclusively.


    The fragrance was also launched to celebrate Guerlain’s first anniversary of Tmall's official flagship store. For LVMH, Tmall Double 11 has probably been the best platform and festival  to sell items. 


    Complete the 2017 sales plan one month in advance

    On September 7, 2016, Yang Yang, a Chinese star, 25, became the first male spokesperson in the 188-year history of Guerlain. An jacinth lipstick, which is dubbed “Yang yang color” by his fans, was booked  more than 3,600 sets on Tmall by live, with sales is nearly 1.2 million yuan.(about 180 thoushand dollars)

    That day, only the first day of Guerlain started the Chinese e-commerce market and Tmall. Yue Wu, greater China CEO of LVMH group, said at the time: “Today, Tmall, which represented China and reflected the China's progress and development, has attracted the Chinese fashionistas, so it is merited that the luxury fashion brands start business at Tmall.”

    Guerlain completed the 2017 sales plan one month in advance at Tmall before first quarter of 2017.

    Guerlain has gained 1.11 million followers after  the first anniversary of Tmall. The global CEO, Laurent Boillot, and the fifth generation flavorist of guerlain, Thierry Wasser, attended Guerlain perfume exhibition and anniversary celebration of Tmall.


    From left to right: Guerlain's general manager Yanting Dai, Guerlain global CEO Laurent Boillot, Guerlain fifth generation flavorist Thierry Wasser, Tmall beauty GM Mai Gu, Guerlain general manager of China spread and e-commerce director Jidan Zhang. 

    After Guerlain started business at Tmall, SEPHORA, a cosmetics retailer owned by LVMH, and TAG Heuer, a high-end wristwatch brand, and Fresh, the high-end skincare brand, have been started business  at Tmall.

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