Interview with YC: The Design is Speaking Chinese Too


Chinese companies are going global and becoming more international. What’s about the future of “new Made in China”? Cifnews spoke with Hoffman You, YC’s Marketing Director, PRC’s top player in designing and engineering business



At first Chinese companies entered international marketplaces with cheap and low-quality products, but this situation changed drastically in last few years. This is the example of YC Store Fixture Group, a reality that has over 12 years experience within design, manufacturing, brand marketing, retail and even business.

With a wealth of individual talent under one roof, YC focuses to turn customer’s idea into reality. As a designing and engineering business, they specialise in the development of design concepts into full manufacture and installation in a variety of materials.



Thanks to YC’s factory’s powerful capacity and complete sets of automatic production machines, the company has the unique ability to create, produce and manage the complete project with seamless capacity. Therefore, YC is top Chinese manufacturer of store fixtures, shop-fittings, displays and special items for the international retailers, wholesalers, importers. This year YC looks forward to organize several business trips to Europe including Denmark, Spain and Italy.

For the occasion, we had the opportunity to interview Hoffman You, YC’s Marketing Director to which we asked various questions, about the future of the brand, about the objectives to be achieved in and outside China.


How did you come up with the idea to establish STORE FIXTURE manufacturing business?

“Well, that is I think a very interesting story! Our CEO travelled to Europe about 12 years ago and she was fascinated by the shop interior design. Every European country had own design and culture. For example in Berlin she saw that shops are minimalist meanwhile in Barcelona or in Milan it were modern.



Because 12 years ago no one actually cared about the in store interior design so that was an opportunity for our CEO to launch this business and help store owners to implement their design dreams into reality”.


Let’s talk about business. YC is well known as international company. Who are your clients?

“Actually our client is anyone who has a shop no matter whether his shop is 10m2 or 200m2. We do our best to offer our products from small to big business owners. We work with famous brands worldwide, such as Show Box, Mr.Pirce, Tommy Higlfiger, Puma, Pepsi, Victoria’s Secret, Pepsi, Perrier, Boss, Högl , Jeep and so on”.


Why is it so important for store owners to take care their fixtures and displays?

“Store fixtures and display are important for any store owner especially if they have own brand. Because store fixtures and displays are the important tools that give a design to a store interior. And in-store design is directly related to the brand


For example: Apple stores. Apple represents minimalism and perfection and that is you can already feel in their stores. I mean those tables, lights and closets are so perfect. Hence I every brand needs to spend his time on store fixtures. 


How YC group makes customer’s ideas to be reality?

Our company has five departments that are: marketing, designer, technician, manufacture and customer service team. In our marketing department we have twelve experienced project managers with professional retail skills.



We have own designer team that is responsible for 3D modeling and design. If our client has no idea, that’s okay cause YC has covered it. In our designer team we have 15 top designers from China and 1 Italian space & vision director.


How do you plan to expand your business in abroad?

We believe in face to face deals. For us is very important to meet our clients before starting the project. That’s why we actively participate in global exhibitions and then visit our clients offices in order to discuss partnership. We invite our clients and future clients to the EUROSHOP exhibition which will be in Germany on February 2020.


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