Interview with Globalegrow: E-Commerce goes Global

The e-commerce market has literally exploded in China in recent years. Among well known players…


Market Insights

In the first half of the year, Fresh Seafood E-commerce Transactions exceeded 100 million

In the first half of 2018, fresh seafood e-commerce transactions were 105.16 billion yuan, compared…


Market Insights

Second-hand goods are popular in China’s online platform

Today, second-hand commodity trading through the Internet in China is gradually emerging. Many consumers may…


E-commerce Platforms

JD.com National Holiday Big Data: Online Sales increased by nearly 40% year-on-year

During the National Holiday Week of this year, the consumer market was hot. The overall…


Cross-Border Regulations

New China’s E-commerce Law: 5 Things You Need To Know

The Chinese government is ready to enact its first-ever e-commerce law: the new legislation is…


Cross-border news, Tech Innovation

In the first half of 2018, Chinese online shopping spending totaled over 4 trillion RMB

Online shopping has become the norm of consumption, more and more consumers are involved  …


Tech Innovation

JD Logistics cooperates with NetEase for 11.11

JD Logistics and Netease’s joint construction of the collaborative warehouse in Hangzhou officially opened  …


Tech Innovation

JD Thailand Retail Platform JD CENTRAL officially launched

JD CENTRAL, a Thai online retail platform created by JD Group and Thailand’s Central Group,…


Business Stories

HOUSE 99 settled in JD Beauty

On September 25th, the high-end men’s grooming brand HOUSE 99 jointly developed by L’Oréal Group…


E-commerce Platforms

JD Medical: Medical Health Strategy

Through joint cooperation with professional partners in the medical and health industry, the JD Cloud…