2017 Amazon Global Selling Summit: Expert Opinions


On December 6th, the 2017 Amazon Global Selling Summit was held in Xiamen, China. The Selling Summit will be a critical event for China’s cross-border ecommerce merchants and sellers. As the official media partner, Cifnews will report relevant news.

At last year’s Sellers Summit, Amazon unveiled four major strategies, including opening up Amazon Business to Chinese sellers, the 2018 strategies and policies that will be adopted in China, and forecasts for which markets Amazon will develop in the coming year.

During the summit, Cifnews interviewed sellers on China’s major ecommerce platforms.

Wells, founder of SHOYPP and GM at Zhong Heng Tian Xia, a company engaged in building websites for foreign trade, said that fashion and electronics will remain Amazon’s major categories due to huge demand.

Frederic, a big seller at Shenzhen Amazon, said that Japan, Australia and India will be Amazon’s main development markets in 2018. Also, the Indian market will allow Chinese companies and sellers to register and move in.

He also predicted that Amazon would levy a sales tax and cancel non-Verified Purchase Review function to satisfy contractionary policy.

Now, sellers are no longer earning profits through resale at Amazon because the quality of products is more important than sales.

According to an interview with Lin Fudong, a big seller at Amazon, if sellers want to be good in cross-border e-commerce, they need to keep up with platform policies and make appropriate adjustments.

During the summit, Amazon executives shared experience of cooperating ecommerce platforms.

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