2019 CCEE Xiamen Kicks Off with Innovators from All Over the World


The future? Is here, in China. CCEE Xiamen will show you all latest news about digital and high-tech release connected to cross-border e-commerce


The 2019 Xiamen China Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition 2019 (CCEE) kicked off today with presentations from movers and shakers in the e-commerce industry from around the world. The four days event will attend hundred thousand visitors from all over China and abroad, such as German e-tailer Real.de and Korean platform Coupang.

How Chinese e-commerce market is growing? CCEE is aimed at smoothing the transition from traditional retail to “New Retail”, bridging the gap between China and global markets – and the other way around.CCEE events are dedicated to factories, buyers, e-commerce operators and third-party service providers from all over the world, covering the whole supply chain.

That’s why today thousands of industry professionals attended the Xiamen China Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition organized by Cifnews in Xiamen, Fujian, one of most growing Chinese cities. Why Xiamen, Fujian second main city is not only Cifnews雨果网 headquarters, but is the natural gateway to the global market, both for western and Chinese companies, moreover, Xiamen’s port keeps being one of the most important in the People’s Republic. 


2019 CCEE Xiamen unites China, European e-commerce interests.  Is the world ready to enter in Chinese market?


The new rules of cross-border e-commerce, deeply connected with the long-term vision of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, open the doors to unprecedented business opportunities with China. Cifnews雨果网 core activities are publishing, online and offline exhibitions, and training modules. Thus, Cifnews unique CCEE event format is dedicated to the professionals working on imports and exports to and from China.

The mission of Barry Weng, CEO and founder of Cifnews雨果网, is to connect companies and vendors to satisfy the needs of increasingly high-speed and interconnected global market. Cifnews雨果网 helps brands, companies, and service providers get the latest news and insights from the industry’s top experts, translating them into skills that can be directly applied in the e-commerce, digital platforms, logistics, and online payment markets. CCEE was established in 2017 to create a link between manufacturing and digital distribution at the global level. It registered over 45 thousand attendees in its first year, with three events in China and Xiamen is the last one. 


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