Italian industrial designer to attend 2018 CCEE Hangzhou


Following 2018 CCEE Hangzhou slated for next month, Cifnews’ founder & CEO Barry Weng, Vice President Ken Zhao and the global team will set off for a trip to Europe to explore the e-commerce market there.

The special trip calling for European collaboration not only adds an international element to CCEE Hangzhou, set for June 12-13, but also furthers the mission of Cifnews: to help global SMEs do cross-border business.

Cifnews will integrate more resources around the world to help Chinese premium brands access the global market.

“Quality, design and culture” are synonymous with the Made in Italy ethos. Fashion design and refined craftsmanship define the country.

Italian manufacturing is acknowledged for its high quality globally. Beyond meeting basic needs, Italian products are built to last and effortlessly reflect timeless artistic aesthetics. The design philosophy of Italy is a philosophy of a quality life.


Cifnews recently visited Gianluca Vassalli, a well-known Italian industrial designer, who will be attending 2018 CCEE Hangzhou.


Vassalli and his team has provided design services for many global brands, including the luxury couture brand Balenciaga.

For Vassali, industrial design means designing products based on sound engineering, aesthetics and economics, which not only allows producers to meet their sales goals, but satisfies customers’ increasingly sophisticated taste.

Vassalli can provide companies with one-stop-shop services, including product design, aesthetic design, brand story and digital marketing.

During Cifnews’ visit, Vassalli shared the story of Peg Pergo, an Italian stroller brand.

Peg Perego was founded by Giuseppe Perego for his children in 1949. Over 67 years of growth, the founder has always upheld the high-quality that defines Italian products.

As Peg Perego expanded its businesses to a worldwide market, it needed a new brand image to better adapt to the global consumer market. That’s when they called Vassalli and his design team.

With ample experience to draw on, they understood the brand’s needs and provided Peg Perego with solutions that included brand vision design to R&D. Not only did Peg Perego succeed in accessing the global market, it infused the brand with a youthful energy.

Meanwhile, OBOR Consulting, Cifnews’ global consulting subsidiary, will also work with the Vassalli design team to provide Chinese companies with in-depth services for accessing in the global market.

Cifnews is excited to welcome Vassali and his team to the exhibition in Hangzhou next month.

The cross-border e-commerce exhibition is a collaboration between Cifnews and the Zhejiang Province E-commerce Promotion Association, under the guidance of Zhejiang government officials .

CCEE (Cifnews Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition) was established in 2017 to create a link between manufacturing and digital distribution at the global level. It registered over 45 thousand attendees in its first year, with three events in China.

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