Over 350,000 Chinese female consumer buy 12 bags a year



Chinese women’s self-awareness began in the early 1990s. In the past, the stereotype that the female should be frugal housekeepers is normal, but definitely not in this era. Whether modern Chinese women should be housewives or independent are still being discussed


According to data from Tmall, in 2017, the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction of Chinese women does not need to come from men, but instead turn into the pursuit of self-worthiness. Modern Chinese women are more independent, free and relaxed, paying more attention to self-improvement and cultivation.

More and more Chinese female consumers buy sports equipment. In the past year, the number of female users who purchased running equipment increased by 1389%, and the number of people purchasing fitness equipment reached 5.8 million. The consumption of fitness products such as “legging” and “sports headphones” also increased. The current society has not only paid attention to how someone looks, but also the quality of body and mind has become an indicator of social status. Women’s attention to fitness is not only because of health, but also a manifestation of their high standards and self-discipline. It also shows that more and more Chinese women are more willing to spend their time doing what they want to do.

In addition, women’s investment in their looks is also growing. For women, bags are not just accessories, but also a symbol of identity and status. Tmall data shows that the number of female users who bought over 12 bags in the past year exceeded 350,000.


In addition to bags, women are most willing to collect lipsticks. The data shows that the number of female users who purchased more than 5 lipsticks in the past year exceeded 3 million


Chinese women are willing to collect lipstick mainly due to their different colors bring a new look, and a new lipstick makes them feel like a face change. When a woman buys a certain lipstick that is always out of stock, she will have a sense of accomplishment in the same way as a man who buys a limited-edition sneaker.

In the past, Chinese women’s softness and weakness are being pleasing and being affectionate. In modern times, these qualities are not popular. For example, according to data from Tmall, in the past year, Chinese women started to buy boxing gloves and hardware tools, these seemingly male consumer goods have also opened up the market among women.

Women buy boxing gloves mainly for fitness, letting off pressure via boxing makes them feel good. Replacing sewing tools with hardware tools. Today’s Chinese women can not only sew clothes, but they also can easily solve furniture problems at home, not necessarily relying on men. This also shows that women are more willing to solve problems by their own efforts and have stronger independence.


Women bear the pressure of fertility and appearance. Now, in China, health care has shown a trend of youthfulness


In the past year, the number of Chinese female consumers who purchased swim bladder increased by 1034%, not only swim bladder, but also the health foods like lycium chinense and edible bird’s nest are more and more popular among Chinese women. The number of the female who purchase eye care products under the age of 25 has increased by 256%. The most obvious liberation of women is that the proportion of women who choose bralette in the past year is as high as 70%. This is a breakthrough, truly liberating oneself and pleasing oneself as the primary consideration.

In past China, men were considered to play the most important role in the family because men need to earn money to support their families. In this now gender-equal society, such a clear division of labor has been diminishing. Chinese women can also work, and they can achieve their own value. However, men can’t help women share the burden of childbirth. Therefore, women are actually more toilsome, in modern society, a woman who pursues needs to take care of family, career and herself. Who should do housework at home, and whoever brings children will often bring disputes, how to balance the problems, which requires time saving and labor costs, and intelligent products are becoming more and more popular in women’s consumption. Window-cleaning robots and smart dishwashers have solved many problems for more and more married women.

Women love both children and pets. Both need to spend enough time and energy to accompany. Through the intelligent products, women’s pressure on parental care has been reduced. The large increase in consumption of smart children toys and smart pet products, it reflects that women provide more time for themselves than to spend time with children and pets. This is also a kind of liberation.

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