5G, both China and the European Union satisfied with the cooperation



The leaders of the two communities expressed their favor on the partnership that is going forward


5G technology is, without a doubt, the future. In fact, communications, cloud, internet and even business automation are passing by this new technology that is being developed. China and the European Union, in particular, have welcomed the progress in the cooperation they have established to better develop (and together) this technology. The project, in fact, is a priority for the respective business communities.

“China and the EU appreciate progress and further exchanges in the Sino-European dialogue for the 5G working mechanism, based on the 2015 Joint 5G Declaration, which includes technological cooperation between their respective business communities“. This statement was issued after the 21st meeting of China-EU leaders, co-chaired by Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.


China: 1.8 billion mobile phones, 300 million computers and 200 million televisions in 2018


The agreement in question – which is giving, as we learn from the aforementioned note, its fruits – has put the European Union in close contact with the largest producer, consumer and exporter of consumer electronics in the world. In fact, China can boast such a record, making it also the world’s largest producer of mobile phones, computers and televisions. Definitely an incentive for the development of the new 5G technology.

Market statistics indicate that China has produced 1.8 billion mobile phones, 300 million computers and 200 million televisions over the past year. The value of the country’s exports of important electronic devices including mobile phones, computers, televisions and audio equipment stood at $ 294.7 billion, or about 12% of China’s total exports.



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