Cifnews Global is the first and most authoritative media outlet specializing in cross-border e-commerce in China. Cifnews is based in Xiamen, China, a quickly developing tech hub and second-tier city. It launched its first international site, Cifnews Italia, in 2017, and launched the English language Cifnews Global in 2018. Cifnews Global is a cross-cultural ambassador providing news, primary research, and policy reports to industry players.

In addition to international reporting, Cifnews hosts CCEE, the most influential cross-border e-commerce exhibition in China. The mission of CCEE is to help international brands and Chinese factories make effective use of the opportunities offered by cross-border e-commerce by providing supply chain flexibility for enterprises and offline retailers. CCEE was founded in early 2017, and has already enjoyed great success in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Xiamen. It plans to enter the international market in 2018 with its first European conference in Italy.