According to Jack Ma, small businesses will be the future of world trade



Technology must be exploited to develop commerce and society


During an opening session of the WTO public forum of 2018, Jack Ma, executive chairman of the Chinese group Alibaba, spoke as one of the keynote speakers along with Roberto Azevedo, The Director General of the World Trade Organization.

During these interventions, among the most interesting things said by Jack Ma, surely one of the most reliable visionaries of world trade, was that seeing the future of world trade in small business and e-commerce.


Technology should not be feared but rather harnessed to develop trade and society


Azevedo in opening has remarked that “More and more trade will be happening through digital platforms. New ways of delivering products will come on stream”. Azevedo described Ma as “surely one of the most remarkable business leaders and visionaries of our time. Jack has been named a Sustainable Development Goals advocate by the United Nations.”

Ma said that “In the next 30 years, 80 percent of small business will benefit from globalization. In 2030 more than 85 percent of business will be e-commerce. Ninety-nine percent of trade will be online and less than one percent of trade will be offline”.


Ma was one of the keynote speakers at the opening plenary debate along with two young entrepreneurs


“Today, we see made in China, made in the US, made in Switzerland. In 2030 we will see made in the Internet,” said Ma.

Trust in technology is a lot: “If the proper synergies are in place, particularly regarding public policies, by 2030 the technological revolution could help fuel additional trade growth of around 30 percentage points,” said Azevedo.



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