AI, the new goal of the best Chinese startups



Among the 25 best Chinese startups on LinkedIn, 11 have put AI at the center of their business


Artificial intelligence has become the main commercial goal of the most important Chinese startups. In fact, an increasing number of traditional industries seem to be looking for updates through these technologies.

Among the 25 best Chinese startups classified by the global professional LinkedIn network, 11 have put AI at the center of their business, integrating technologies related to industry applications. This was confirmed by one of the companies in a widespread relationship in China.

The companies in question focus on chip development, face recognition algorithms, fintech, smart health care, smart cities, new retail, smart pharmaceuticals and many other sectors.


Most companies deal with B2B services


The influence of the AI ​​has gradually extended from a single sector to almost all sectors of the market, making the list a microcosm of strengthening the AI. Most companies with exceptional performance on the list deal with B2B performance.

The list also found that the average age of employees in these major start-ups is around 28, 10% of whom have an educational background abroad or worked outside China’s national borders.




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