Ali anti-fake alliance members assisted the police in taking out nearly 1 billion RMB (146.6 million USD) fakes


On August 3, the Alibaba Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance, which has more than 100 members, has announced the latest anti-counterfeiting results


In January 2017, at the initiative of Alibaba, AACA was established in Hangzhou, and it was clearly stated that the mission of AACA is “No place for fakes”. Since the establishment of AACA in the past one and a half years, the number of members has increased from 30 to 105, including Microsoft, Daniel Wellington, Adidas, Johnson & Johnson and other well-known brands, covering 12 industries including luxury goods, jewelry, clothing, and smart devices.


On August 3, AACA announced that from January 2017 to the first half of 2018, the 105 AACA members gave nearly 200 clues to the public security organs across the country, and carried out 112 offline actions, smashing 247 dens. Assisted in the arrest of more than 300 people involved in the case, involving a total amount of about 1 billion RMB (146.6 million USD).


Taking Alliance member LV as an example, in May of this year, LV teamed up with Ali to help Shanghai police successfully destroy a criminal chain that sells luxury goods such as counterfeit LVs to foreign markets, arresting 29 suspects across 4 provinces and cities, and seized them on the spot. There are 11,000 fake products, and the initial estimated value is more than 100 million RMB (14.6 million USD).

This is not the first time the two sides have cooperated to assist the police in counterfeiting. In 2017, Ali and LV teamed up to help Hunan Yongzhou police to break a fake LV production and sales chain, dumped 4 gangs and 7 dens, and arrested more than 10 counterfeit leaders. The amount involved was as high as 200 million RMB (29.2 million USD).


In addition to assisting law enforcement agencies to fight against fakes, in January this year, the first member of Ali Union, the French skincare brand Bedma has been taking fake sellers to the court. Half a year has passed, and more than a dozen members of the alliance, including Burberry, Heki Group and Gemini Fashion, are cooperating with Ali to launch a “fighting” prosecution against counterfeiters.


Behind AACA’s cohesive brand management of counterfeit goods is the continuous upgrading of Ali’s fake goods management system. Zheng Junfang, chief platform administrator of Alibaba Group, said that from 30 founding members to 105 members, AACA needs more creative and professional support from rights holders, to attack counterfeit more with power, to be more efficient and more transparent, and protecting intellectual property rights to make the fight easier.


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