Alibaba “88VIP” membership system is fully upgraded, global brands offer big discounts


On August 8, 2018, at the “88 Member Annual Festival” held in Guangzhou, China, Alibaba Group announced jointing 88 global brands, which opened online stores in Tmall, officially launched the exclusive welfare and rights for “88VIP” members and redefined traditional membership system


The upgrade of the membership system with the largest scale, the largest number of people, and the most extensive coverage in the global business is not only the reconstruction of the 40-year-old business form of membership system by Alibaba Group, but also brings great opportunities and imagination to the membership system of the global brand that will be settled in Tmall.

“Ordinary brand membership system still only provides a single service and experience. However, “88VIP” relies on Alibaba’s ecosystem to realize the change from functional members to eco-members, from online or offline to cross-scenario experience. In the future, brands that work closely with Tmall can rely on the 88 membership system to achieve interoperability between the two member systems and provide better services to consumers.” Ling Duan, the general manager of the Alibaba 88VIP project, said.

It reported that the brands participating in 88VIP include Versace, Gap, TAG Heuer, Zwilling, L’Oreal and other global apparel, home and beauty brands, as well as well-known retailers including Watsons and Wanning.


These over 90 brand official flagship stores and more than 230,000 core products on Tmall will provide full-year store discounts for 88VIP members. Even in the Double 11, the members can enjoy a double discount


Don’t underestimate this “privilege”. Most of these brands on Tmall are the first to offer “all-year” discounts on their online stores. Some brands that have not been discounted in the past, this discount exceeds the brand’s official website and its own membership system.

In fact, Alibaba has already explored in the membership and successfully created a number of membership system innovations with brands.

As early as 2015, Alibaba launched a membership system (会员通) to help the brands achieve the combination of official website and Tmall flagship store, online store and offline store members’ rights and interests, which has become the earliest prototype of Tmall’s new retail. Yong Zhang, Alibaba CEO, also said that the comprehensive combination of data-based goods, members and services will provide more new retail scenarios and foundations for the future.


On August 2, 2018, Alibaba and Starbucks reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation, and announced that Starbucks’ customized “Starbucks New Retail Smart Store” will be connected to the Starbucks Club membership system, which means that the Starbucks membership system will be integrated with Alibaba’s retail ecosystem fully integrated


In the future, consumers can place orders in Alibaba New Retail, such as Taobao, Tmall, Alipay, Hema Supermarket, Kou bei, etc. They can also place orders at Starbucks own apps and experience customized services.

This trans-enterprise membership system has begun to break through the brand’s innovation in member maintenance. After that, the brand members of Tmall will purchase high-quality goods and services anytime and anywhere on any platform and scene. The points launched by the brand also become the universal points of the whole platform, which optimizes the member experience and brand efficiency. The experience of the “88VIP” brand operation on the Tmall can subsequently share with the other 150,000 brands that have settled in Tmall.

As a leader in beauty equipment, ReFa has been continuously exploring the establishment of a new membership system since entering the Chinese market. “ReFa and Tmall have always been strategic partners, and 88VIP members will also become high-end new users of the brand, bringing a comprehensive upgrade of the repurchase rate and customer unit price for ReFa,” ”ReFa e-commerce director Lucy said, “This is also a test on the construction of ReFa’s own membership system.”

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