Alibaba and e-commerce in India through the subsidiary UCWeb




UCWeb will work with Flipkart and Paytm Mall to offer online purchases this year



Alibaba Group, through its subsidiary UCWeb, aims at the Indian e-commerce market. The occasion could be the country’s next public holiday, which will begin in the coming days, and seems to entice Jack Ma. Huaiyuan Yang, vice president of global activities at UCWeb, said the company should be able to launch the service “within this ‘year”. The Chinese company plans to collaborate with India’s leading online marketplace Flipkart and Paytm Mall, an Alibaba portfolio company in India.

However, UCWeb would not want to start an end-to-end e-commerce service immediately, but would initially test the market. Yang confirmed that the products will be integrated by “different platforms which people can browse through and share, but if people have to make an actual purchase, the engine will lead them to the actual website for the purchase to happen”.


UCWeb is entering more and more into the Indian market, full of regulations


Yang sees India as one of the key markets for UCWeb and Alibaba, as around 40% of the population is already connected to the Internet. UC Browser, the web browser platform, has been present in India since 2009 and the company claims to have 130 million active users in the country, with a total of 1.1 billion users globally, excluding China.

In India, recently, this work focused on creating video content for users of level 2 and 3 cities. “We are trying to provide content in many local languages to the local users apart from the 15 languages we already offer,” he said. Yang.

For Yang, UCWeb has collaborated with 120,000 bloggers or content creators and boasts 700 media organizations on its platform. By demonstrating its commitment to the Indian market, it is slowly respecting local rules and regulations. To begin with, UCWeb is already storing most of the Indian user data in the country, as requested by the government for foreign companies operating in India.


UCWeb uses a combination of controls to ensure the security of the contents


Reportedly, the Ministry of Electronics and Computer Science (MeitY) of India is creating a draft of guidelines for content-based social media platforms and wants to “develop mechanisms using AI (artificial intelligence) to find out accounts transmitting illegal, inflammatory or any content which could disturb law and order or threat to national security, and then take them down” a senior government official told the Economic Times.

In this sense, Yang stated that UCWeb uses a combination of machine control and manual control to ensure that this trash and violating rule is not published on its website.





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