Alibaba appeared at the International Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Conference to share the experience of counterfeiting China


On September 26th, Alibaba Chief Platform Governance Officer Zheng Junfang made a keynote speech at the “2018 International Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Conference” to share some of the explorations and experiences of Alibaba in intellectual property protection issues in recent years


On September 26, the “2018 International Intellectual Property Enforcement Conference” was held in Dubai, UAE.

As the only Chinese company representative invited to participate in the keynote speech, Zheng Junfang, the chief platform administrator of Alibaba, attended the meeting and presented to more than 600 government, industry and corporate guests from around the world to share the practices and experience that Alibaba has explored in intellectual property protection in recent years. Promoting “Law Enforcement + Rights Holder + Platform” to form a co-governing system.

In Zheng Junfang’s view, the intellectual property protection system should be based on inspiring cooperation and common governance of all parties concerned, and promote multi-party entities including government, rights holders, and e-commerce platforms to share governance information and governance technologies to achieve mutual benefit and create a win-win situation.


In order to deal with the issue of intellectual property protection in complex real-world environments, Alibaba relies on data technology to continuously improve its platform governance capabilities.


97% of IPR infringement complaints were handled within 24 hours on the Alibaba Intellectual Property Protection Platform (IPP). On the basis of a 38% increase in registered complaint accounts, the number of IPR infringement complaints decreased by 39%. The platform actively prevents and controls the removal of the goods, and 97% of the suspected infringing links that were actively deleted the second it goes online.

Alibaba called for “Governing Fakes Like Drunk Driving”, which gradually became the consensus of the whole society and received a wide response from enterprises China and abroad. Up to now, 105 brand owners in the world have joined the Alibaba Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance (AACA), and together with the platform and law enforcement agencies, declare war on fake goods.


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