Alibaba Cloud sets up Technology Poverty Alleviation Alliance


More and more farmers are taking the lead in using technology to get out of poverty. This is the first time that The Computing Conference has set up a forum for science and technology to help farmers get out of poverty


During 2018 The Computing Conference in China, the “Alibaba Cloud Technology Alliance for Poverty Alleviation” was officially established. The Technology Poverty Alleviation Alliance will provide a number of technical support for non-profit organizations, government agencies, enterprises and institutions that plan to join the fight against poverty, and jointly win the battle against poverty.


On December 1st last year, Alibaba announced the establishment of Poverty Alleviation Fund, investing 10 billion RMB in five years, and carrying out poverty alleviation work in the fields of education, health, women, e-commerce and ecology.


In addition, Alibaba hopes that through technical support, it will eventually bring about a poverty alleviation effect worth 100 billion or even 1000 billion.

First, the rural cooperatives sign an acquisition agreement, then the poor households transfer their land to the cooperatives, and they could get a rent of 600 to 700 RMB per mu. After that, poor households can still engage in production and get a second labor income by planting millet.


By organizing urban consumers to claim farmland in poverty-stricken areas, and to order green agricultural products from poverty-stricken areas, to conduct production and marketing docking, and to open up sales for industrial development in poverty-stricken areas.


At the same time, Alibaba will also introduce Ant Financial loans for poverty alleviation farm projects when conditions permit. Farmers’ production materials, including seeds and pesticides, can be obtained from Ant Financial’s loans.

Alibaba Cloud is responsible for building a plant monitoring system based on IoT technology to guide the scientific cultivation of agricultural products. Alibaba’s business team, such as Tmall and Taobao, uses sales channels for agricultural products.

At present, the “Poverty Alleviation Farm” project has signed a contract to acquire 3,000 mu of millet in Yangqu County, Taiyuan City, benefiting 159 poor households, and will continue to sign more farms.


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