Alibaba Declares War against Hackers and Internet Fraud


With the incredible development of the e-commerce industry in China, hacking and scamming personal information could be a problem. It can be said that network information security is the first challenge for global Internet ? Yes it is. For example last year hackers attempted to access over 20 million active accounts on Alibaba Group Holding Ltd’s Taobao e-commerce website using Alibaba’s own cloud computing service. E-commerce merchants should continually consider how to offer more services in order to safeguard users’ informations. Therefore, China Criminal Investigation Department worked with Alibaba group to launch a free anti-spoofing system, called “Qiandun”.

How to Work

Liu Kun, qiandjun’s developer, said that “through China’s criminal investigation experts and powerful Internet technology, this system can be used for the accurate prevention and control of all kinds of common telecom and Internet fraud”. After downloading the app and opening all functions, it is equivalent to “install” a strongbox with password on the phone. Also, depth analysis of the police through big data can completely eradicate fraud. When clients use Alibaba’s Alipay and Taobao to pay and buy online, “Qiandun” will automatically shield virus, trojan and other factors can damage our devices.

All Participation

Liu Kun also underlined “that everyone can be informed of any kind fraud thought this platform”. “Qiandun” , thanks its whistle-blowing service, not only can help others to avoid fraud, but also provide valuable clues to the police officers for the crime. When costs are higher than profits, sharper could not defraud again. Liu Zhenfei, CRO at Alibaba group, said “the current fraud is getting harder to wipe out, Alibaba hopes to work with government to protect consumers’ profit”.


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