Alibaba International Station’s September purchases increased by nearly 300% year-on-year


Up to now, a total of 219 countries have purchased Chinese goods through Alibaba International Station, and the total transaction volume of the procurement section has increased by nearly 300% year-on-year


The transaction volume of the Nordic countries increased the most, reaching nearly 400%. Sweden’s trading volume in the first week of the procurement festival ranked first in the world with a growth rate of 571%. France and Spain ranked second and third with a growth rate of 398% and 391% respectively.


In addition, the country with the fastest growth in orders was Mexico, with a growth rate of 383%. The markets in East Asia and Southeast Asia also showed significant growth. Orders in the Philippines increased by nearly 300%, orders from South Korea increased by 251%, and Japan increased by 246%.


Among the most popular countries, mainly developed countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany, emerging markets such as India, Russia ,and Vietnam.

According to data from Alibaba International Station, beauty makeup moisturizing water, mask, and jewelry are the most purchased products in Sweden; Norway has a huge demand for domestic sports shoes and equipment; Finland has strong demand for domestic gardening tools and kitchen utensils.


In addition to the “Made in China” quality upgrade, such as the extensive application of machine intelligent translation technology on Alibaba International Station, the transaction volume of this global procurement festival has also increased significantly.


Alibaba International Station supports real-time translation of 43 language items for cross-language communication between buyers and sellers. During the procurement festival, tens of millions of sentences are translated in real time in Chinese and English, English and Spanish, English and Russian, and supported more than 100 currency displays.

In order to facilitate the payment habits of enterprises in different countries, Alibaba International Station and a number of banks established a global cross-border large-value payment network on the eve of the procurement festival, covering 76% of US buyers and 41.4% of European buyers.


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