Alibaba works with Colgate to speed up the development process



The collaboration to launch a new toothpaste using big data to shorten the product development process


The use of big data is currently used in various fields, including that of toothpastes. In fact, Alibaba Group Holding has collaborated with Colgate-Palmolive to launch a new toothpaste using big data to shorten the product development process.

To release the information was the same company in Hangzhou that produces the toothpaste. According to the note released, the use of big data has shortened the development process to six months from 18 months when traditional methods were used. The toothpaste in question is based on beads and aimed at male consumers.

Qiu Zihan, senior manager at Colgate’s innovation center, said: “Many multinational companies only introduce foreign products that are popular in China, but the Made in China era is over and it’s time for Made for China.” For Colgate it is the first collaboration for the creation of products based on the use of Big Data.


The use of Big Data is aimed at studying the tastes and trends of the market


According to CNFOL, also Alibaba and Colgate-Palmolive, based in New York, have signed an agreement for the construction of a “consumer-to-business” innovation plant capable of creating new products based on consumer demand.

The plan for the development of a new toothpaste came after the Alibaba Tmall retail platform conducted a consumer survey last year. During trial production, Colgate-Palmolive has managed refined production lines to make small-scale toothpaste and is now able to produce 100,000 tons of products per batch.



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