Alibaba’s Hema Supermarket delivers adult products in thirty minutes or less


The Hema Supermarket app adds a channel for contraceptives, toys, and pregnancy tests, and delivers in 30 minutes or less


Yesterday Alibaba’s Hema supermarket launched an adult products channel called He Er Meng, which literally translates to Hormone. Starting at 10 pm last night, Shanghai users could enter the channel to purchase over 700 adult products and have them delivered in thirty minutes or less. And don’t worry – to prevent consumer embarrassment, delivery packages use opaque bags.

Alibaba plans to launch the channel in other cities by the end of April, including Beijing and  Shenzhen in China.

Hema supermarket is Alibaba’s new retail format that restructures offline stores. Hema is a supermarket, a restaurant and also a food market that blends online and offline experience. Users can stop by the store or make purchases using the mobile app and home delivery. It’s attracting customers thanks to delivery speeds – within 3 kilometers of the store, users can expect their groceries within 30 minutes.

This isn’t Hema’s first entree into the adult products market. Since September of last year, its SOS channel has sold first aid items such as batteries, band-aids, feminine hygiene products, and condoms.

Yi Hou, the founder of Hema supermarkets, disclosed that Hema will place major emphasis on adult products in 2018 and that Hema supermarket is the best platform to sell them.

In its pilot phase, the Hormone portal sold over 700 items, including contraceptives, lube, SexAid and pregnancy tests. Of all offerings, pregnancy test and contraceptives are in greatest demand accounting for 50% of purchases.

Gen Xian marketing operation director of Hema supermarket stated, “No other retailer lets users buy adult products in less than 30 minutes. We believe that Hema provides the best services for its consumers.”

According to data, Chinese citizens purchasing adult products are mostly males between 40 to 49 years. Consumers over the age of 50 enjoy buying adult toys and sex toys. The adult product brands, including European brand Joydivision and Dutch brand You2Toys, have become most popular for users over 50 years of age.

In contrast, the generation born after 1990 is a conservative group. They don’t rank for any adult products aside from condoms, but they do tend to buy high-end products such as the brand 45 Condoms, which retail for $3.70 a piece.




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