AliHealth joins with Allergan on New Medical Retail


Internet medicine company AliHealth and medical beauty company Allergan signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The cooperation between the two companies marks the establishment of new service standards in the field of “Medical Beauty”


On the same day, the AliHealth Medical Beauty Platform based on the medical was officially launched on mobile phones Taobao and Tmall APP.

AliHealth is the flagship platform of Alibaba Group’s “Double H” Strategy (Health and Happiness) in the field of medicine and health and is one of the companies controlled by Alibaba. With Alibaba’s strengths in E-commerce, big data, and cloud computing to provide Internet solutions for the healthcare industry.

Allergan is a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Allergan mainly develops, produces and sells branded pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biological preparations. Branded medical products cover the treatment of the central nervous system, eye, medical beauty, digestion, gynecology, urology and anti-infection.


AliHealth 2017 double eleven sales data shows that medical beauty turnover increased by 520%. Deloitte’s <<China Medical Beauty Market Analysis 2017>> report pointed out that by 2020, China’s medical and beauty market will reach 20.6 billion US dollars, which is expected to become the world’s largest medical beauty market.


AliHealth has established a medical and beauty service platform based on the medical and aesthetic institution LBS, and through the online and offline new medical and aesthetic standardization services.

AliHealth and Allergan will use mobile Internet, artificial intelligence (AI) and other innovative technologies as the driving force to integrate their own superior resources in the field of medical beauty in China, and actively explore the O2O model of online and offline integration.

Through the Ali health medical beauty platform, in the medical beauty medicine Cooperation in the field of identification inquiry, medical beauty education, online medical beauty reservation service, etc. AliHealth revealed that the first step in the cooperation between the two parties is to provide consumers with tools and services to identify formal products.


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