Alimama launches Digital Advertising Algorithm Competition


In February 2018, Alibaba began cooperation with IJCAI-18 (International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence) and Tianchi, Alibaba Cloud’s data platform, to launch its International Advertising Algorithm.

Since its official commencement on Feb. 1, there have been over 700 tech teams all over the world applying for the competition. Meanwhile, Alimama hopes to uncover more technologies and talents to further develop AI to power digital marketing.

Alimama is the Alibaba Group’s digital marketing platform. Alimama uses Alibaba Group’s core business data and computer and video technology to empower merchants, brands, and partners. It also provides products and marketing platforms with brand and e-commerce advertising. This platform helps customers achieve the goal of one-stop global communication through digital media. Its mission is to make it easy to do marketing from anywhere.

This competition will provide real transaction data of sponsored searches on Participants will utilize AI technologies to predict users’ purchase intention by analyzing e-commerce advertising success.

The competition will be judged by conversion rate (CVR) – whether or not the user takes the bait of the advertised action to complete a purchase.

Registration will close on Apr. 22. The winning team will attend the IJCAI-ECAI-18 conference in Stockholm in July.

With the interaction of massive data and real marketing scenarios, Alimama has already demonstrated strong technical strength. It has a robust machine learning model that incorporates multivariate analysis of consumer data sets, user behaviors, and habits to train 100 TB of data daily.

Alimama’s hi-tech endeavors include the 2018 paper “Beyond Keywords and Relevance: A Personalized Ad Retrieval Framework in E-Commerce Sponsored Search”, written by Alibaba tech team. The work was selected by The International World Wide Web Conference for its approach that ‘redefines the traditional search advertising framework’.

The International Advertising Algorithm Competition is not only a chance opportunity for marketers, it also shows Alimama’s competence with digital advertising. Alimama hopes to push digital marketing ecology into the future with data-driven and AI initiatives.


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