Alipay facial recognition payment began to commercialize


High-tech such as facial recognition has finally become ordinary. After the commercialization of Alipay facial recognition payment, in the next few years, it is likely to be as popular as the QR code Payment


Facial recognition payment means that we can complete all kinds of payments when we go out without bringing money or mobile phone.

On August 15th, at the Guangzhou Station of Ant Financial Service Open Day, Alipay announced that after experience accumulation and technology upgrade, facial recognition payment has already been commercialized, and will spread the self-service cash register and facial recognition payment to various business scenarios in the next year.  “After the trials at KFC, CP Lotus, and other scenes, it can be seen that the self-service cashier combined with the facial recognition payment has greatly improved the operating efficiency of the offline stores and the consumer experience.”


More than a million people experienced Alipay facial recognition payment.On September 1st last year, Alipay facial recognition payment went online at KFC’s KPRO restaurant. You can pay by facial recognition without using a mobile phone. This is the first commercial pilot of facial recognition payment in the world. Up to now, 23 KFC stores in 11 cities across the country supports facial recognition payment.


Today, not only in KFC, but also in pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores and many other offline retail scenes, more than one million consumers in hundreds of cities across the country have taken the lead in experiencing the convenience of Alipay facial recognition.

“With the experience we have accumulated, we believe that the facial recognition payment has already had the capability of large-scale commercial use.” Feng Wei, head of the retail business of Ant Financial, said that according to him, Ant Financial has the earliest layout facial recognition technology in the industry. One of the companies has a deep technical heritage. Since 2015, Alipay has taken the lead in applying facial recognition technology. This technology has been used in real-name authentication, password recovery, and payment risk verification. It has served hundreds of millions of users so far.

Feng Wei said that although mobile payment is now quite popular, users of online scenes often encounter inconvenient mobile phones, such as holding a lot of things in their hands, holding children, etc., and paying with facial recognition technology provides users with more Convenient choice.

Facial recognition payment will be popular like QR code payment. In the view of the payment industry, as a new thing, “Facial Recognition Verification” and “Facial Recognition Payment” bring convenience to people’s lives, and also improve security at the same time. For example, a password can be modified. However, face and fingerprints, cannot be modified, so it is relatively safer.”


On February 21 last year, Alipay’s “Facial recognition Payment” was recognized by the world’s authoritative <<MIT Technology Review>>. Ranked as “Top Ten Breakthrough Technologies in the World in 2017”.


At present, facial recognition technology has been widely used in the field of “Internet and Government Affairs”. Users in more than 100 cities can complete online authentication and withdrawal, individual tax inquiry and pension collection through online payment of Alipay, qualifications, electronic documents, and other public services.

Although there are many application scenarios for facial recognition, the previous payment of facial recognition has not been put into commercial use. The difficulty lies in the application security requirements of the payment link, the complexity of the offline scene, and the public environment and public equipment making the challenge even greater.

It is understood that Alipay self-service cash register and facial recognition payment in supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, etc., effectively eased the queue checkout during peak hours, the cashier settlement efficiency increased by more than 50%; Most stores consumers, more than 20% of them choose this new method of payment to checkout; in the first-tier cities such as Beishang Guangshen, the original cashier is responsible for one checkout channel, and now can be responsible for more than two self-service cash registers, one machine per year can save various costs of more than 100,000 RMB.


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