Alzheimer’s treatment done in China is almost ready for the global market



The treatment, if it should positively pass all the tests, will be on the market as early as next year


China not only produces cutting-edge technological equipment, but also new drugs that can fight harmful diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The Chinese treatment, in fact, has passed the three phase three clinical trials and could reach the market as soon as next year, pending regulatory approval.

To give the news was the founder of Greenvalley Lv Songtao, who, during an interview with Yicai Global, said that the drug’s developers, Shanghai Greenvalley Pharmaceutical, Ocean University of China and the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, have applied for the China National Drug Administration to assess the treatment’s suitability to go commercial.


The medicine is named sodium oligo-mannurarate or GV-971


The purpose of the medicine is not to solve Alzheimer’s disease, a goal that is still far away, but to help patients suffering from this disease. The medicine, named sodium oligo-mannurarate or GV-971, may significantly improve the cognition of patients with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s.

Unfortunately, the reference market for this medicine is very wide. The World Health Organization has calculated that there are about 50 million people living with this disease, and predicts that the sick will become over 150 million by 2050.


Asia is home to the largest portion of sufferers, 9.8 million


Qiao Liyan, a member of the Chinese Committee for ADI, told Yicai Global, that: “Research shows that one in every 20 people aged 65 or over have Alzheimer’s, and one in every four aged 85 or over”.

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park earlier this month, where he asked how development of GV-971 was progressing. Greenvalley financed the research and development of the drug itself, pouring CNY3 billion (USD432 million) into the project over the past 21 years.



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