Amazon Global launches e-commerce park in Xiamen



Xiamen Cross-Border E-commerce Park has opened its doors, signaling the region’s readiness to embrace foreign trade and sharpen its cross-border e-commerce chops. 


Amazon Global Selling launched its Xiamen Cross-border E-commerce Park on May 25. It’s the first cross-border e-commerce park in South China opened by Amazon, and the second cross-border e-commerce park in China since Amazon Global Selling opened stores in Hangzhou.

This marks the latest step taken by the Xiamen government and Amazon to jointly promote the export of regional cross-border e-commerce since the Amazon Global Selling Summit was held in Xiamen last year.

The e-commerce park will be based in Xiamen and will provide one-stop services for enterprises in the city and surrounding areas.

Jiaqi Peng, vice president of Amazon China and head of product and market for Amazon Global Selling Asia Pacific, said that building the Xiamen Cross-border E-commerce Park was one of the important milestones for Amazon Global Selling’s strategy for 2018.

Amazon Global Selling will now open an office in Xiamen to learn more about the regional market demands. There, experienced multi-disciplinary experts in the industry will establish dedicated service support teams.

Xiamen: Forming a New Internet Pattern + Foreign Trade

Amazon Global Selling use its new cross-border e-commerce park as a base to build an all-round industrial cluster in Fujian. As a service base for Xiamen and neighboring enterprises in Fujian, the park provides manufacturers with customized factory incubation programs and operational support, consumer research for traders, brand registration, brand protection, and branding tools for brand owners.

In recent years, Fujian has been on the forefront of innovation. Internet and foreign trade have become cornerstones for Fujian’s commercial development.

Xiamen Industrial Co., Ltd. was the first local brand to take advantage of Amazon’s global storefront to transform its relationship with foreign cross-border e-commerce.

“Insisting on the corporate mission of creating an ’emerging and entrepreneurial attitude’ in an era of e-commerce, Xinweifa has always been committed to the research and development of high-quality products and the creation of influential transnational brands,” Xinweifa CEO Li Jiasong said.

“We expect that more Xiamen companies will seize the opportunity of cross-border e-commerce and accelerate the transition with localized services provided by Amazon’s global stores and win the global market together with Xinweifa,” Li Jiasong added.

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