Amazon will stop all related services of its Global Store Assistant


Haimai, the Amazon overseas Sales Assistant, issued an important official notice stating that on September 28, 2018, all related services of Amazon’s global store assistants will be stopped


What is the use of Haimai you may ask? It is Amazon’s official sales tool that helps sellers view the real-time performance of products, customize seller-specific competing tracking lists, and more.


This feature was launched in April 2016 and is limited to US and European station accounts. The functions include publishing products, data navigation, account management, seller communication, etc., which can meet the seller’s basic operational problems. To a certain extent, it is convenient for sellers to update real-time data. The most important thing is that there is no charge.

Amazon’s stock price has soared recently, and US-based venture capitalist Ann Winblad said on Monday that Amazon will become the next company with a market capitalization of $1 trillion. For a company with a market value of over one trillion, the possibility of charging a fee is not very high.


As of yet, the sellers are not worried about Haimai, if you let everyone to consider to use other third-party software instead, most sellers will feel uneasy, there is still one month before the global store assistant is disabled, so the sellers do not have to panic for the time being.


Though Haimai is going offline, there are still other options, one of them is Cashcowpro.

Cashcowpro has professional store sales data analysis function, which can systematically analyze store sales data, count sales volume, order quantity, average daily sales volume, cost (FBA/promotion/advertising/refund), inventory consumption expiration time, and calculate profit (Margin/ Net profit), conversion rate, exposure, BSR, ROI, help sellers customize effective sales promotion programs to promote the rapid growth of quality products. It also has functions that Haimai does not currently have, including inventory analysis, A/B Testing, and automatic mail order tracking.



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