Apple celebrates Chinese New Year with  ‘Shot on iPhone’ film ‘The Bucket’


In commemoration of Chinese New Year, which falls on Feb. 5, Apple last Thursday posted to its YouTube channel a special “Shot on iPhone” short film created by renowned director and screenwriter Jia Zhangke


What gifts would your parents prepare when your Chinese New Year visit comes to an end? Every Chinese kid, no matter how old, knows to leave room in their suitcase when they visit their parents. There’s just no way to leave home again without arms and bags stuffed with food. As much as you can carry. More than you can carry.

Titled “The Bucket- 一个桷” Jia’s film uses footage pulled from iPhone XS to tell the tale of a son traveling from his rural hometown to an apartment in the city, riding on bikes, ferries and buses while carrying precious cargo from his mother.



Similar to last year’s film, “Three Minutes,” the short by Jia highlights the close family bonds and familial responsibilities that stand at the center of Chinese culture.

The Bucket was created to showcase how creative professionals can take advantage of the camera hardware and powerful software Apple offers. The website accompanying the production shares additional cinematography tips and behind the scenes footage from the making of the film.

In the weeks leading up to the Chinese New Year, Apple has been promoting the holiday internationally. “The Bucket” is running on broadcast channels and on digital and social, including Weibo, Youku, WeChat, Douyin and YouTube.


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© Unsplash. In 2015, Chinese consumers had bought 131 million iPhones compared to US customers who stood at only 110 million.


Chinese netizen claimed that 2018 Apples short movie was better, others asking which kind of dialect are speaking both protagonists. Nevertheless some ironic comments about how new iPhone is expensive, the majority of netizens appreciated Jia Zhangke short movie. Could this marketing strategy change Apple bad perfomance in Chinese market?

China is actually the most important – and the most profitable – market. Nowadays, Chinese customers are extremely important for Western companies, thus doing business in China is becoming more and more appealing for foreigners firms.

In the span of the past twenty years, the world has been dazzled by China’s startling economic growth and its increasing power in the international arena. In 2010, China became the world’s second largest economy, in the midst of a gradual recovery from the 2008 financial crisis. China’s vital role as a global growth engine is clear and undeniable.


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