Arctic Ocean Orange Soda Gives Its Own “Precious First Time” to Tmall


rctic Ocean is not just an orange soft drink – it’s a time honored brand in China. It’s often referred to as a “Beijing symbol”, along with other symbols of China’s post-80s growth.

Many moons ago the company disappeared from the market due to restructuring. The well-known, 81 year old brand, resold in 2011, and with classic glass bottles and metal cap packaging, It’s a living memory of orange soda.

Consistent packaging and flavor can retain Arctic Ocean’s nostalgic users, but the problem that remains is how to make young consumers love the brand in the digital age.

Rejuvenation through E-commerce Platform

Faced with the question of how to innovate, Tmall Data provides a guide to the answer.

On Sep. 19, Tmall Market started the “Tian Zi Hao” or “Apex” project. Jing Jie, Alibaba Group’s Vice President, said Tmall is customizing China’s time-honored brand via its data and technology.

Arctic Ocean is the first brand to benefit from the Apex project. Soda has seen a rise in the market for women’s drinks, so it launched a walnut drink for broader appeal.

In addition, the cold chain logistics support of Tmall supermarkets, allows more products that need to be refrigerated or have a short shelf life to benefit from online sales. Arctic Porcelain Yogurt is one of these products, having only been available in street shops before.

The Porcelain yogurt sold out in less than a week, far exceeding the brand’s expectations. Manufacturers were surprised and happy to replenish the product and restock shelves..


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