Artificial intelligence, in China there are 4,000 companies



Great growth for artificial intelligence companies, especially in Beijing, which collects 1,070


According to the Science and Technology Daily, the Chinese artificial intelligence industry has undergone explosive growth since 2015. The number of artificial intelligence companies in China, in fact, reached 4.040 in May 2018.

The best result is that of Beijing, which currently holds 26% of the national total with 1,070 IA companies. To declare it, this time, is a report on the development of the Beijing AI industry, published by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Economics and Information Technology (BMCEIT) at the XXII China International Software Expo.

Moreover, among the 1,237 AI companies that have already acquired venture capital investments, 431 are based in Beijing (35% of the total). 56.9%, however, did not complete the A-round financing. This indicates that most of these companies are still in the start-up phase, with the possibility of further development in the near future.


Beijing is becoming a real center of innovation


Beijing, in recent years, is therefore becoming a true center of artificial intelligence innovation in China, as also confirmed by You Jing, deputy director of the BMCEIT software office.

“Beijing has formed an AI industrial cluster, thanks to the favourable policies, an innovation and entrepreneurial atmosphere, capitals, enhanced software development and patent protection it has benefited from,” said You.

The report on artificial intelligence also states that most AI companies in Beijing are in the areas of health care, home appliances, urban management, retail and self-driving.



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