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Business Stories

Clash of the Titans: Amazon and Alibaba Go Big on India

In the world of e-commerce, everyone know Amazon and Alibaba. After winning in many international markets,…


Business Stories

Hi-tech stories: CloudWalk Technology and DJI, when AI meets Reality

Robot and AI used to belong to science fiction movies, but China surprises us once…


China 2025

What Western Countries Think about China?

When talking about China, everybody has their own opinion. While prejudices about this country are…


New Cities

Is Canton Fair the New Hub for International Trade?

No longer factory of the world. The Canton Fair reveals how PRC is leading new…


China 2025

Abe visits Beijing: a new Sino-Japanese route to globalization

After seven years of absence, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe landed in Beijing to meet…



Interview With Alibaba: The Consumer First of All

The consumer first of all. In the e-commerce era, platforms compete to those who can…


Business Stories

How Chinese Social-Commerce Became an International Trend

Facebook and Instagram embrace social-commerce? A news for Western consumers, although the integration between social…


New Cities

Chengdu Takes Up the High-Tech Challenge and It Is a Success!

Thanks to a relevant position within the new Silk Road routes, Chengdu took up the…