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Chinese movie stars face salary restrictions

China’s tax officials have handed some of its biggest domestic stars a pay cut.  …


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Kuaishou dives into social commerce

Short video-sharing platform Kuaishou is the latest platform to jump into the intersection of social…


Cross-border news, Tech Innovation

Beijing metro to introduce bio-identification ticketing

Tickets might soon go extinct at the Beijing metro, with plans to introduce a bio-identification system…


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Taobao Xinxuan opens 2nd physical store in Shanghai

Alibaba launched the second Taobao Xinxuan — which translates to Taobao Selected — in Shanghai…


Tech Innovation

Report: majority of smartphones are shipped from China

Nine out of 12 of the world’s most-shipped smartphones are headquartered in China, according to…


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China’s proposed e-commerce law targets fakes

A proposed Chinese e-commerce law would make online retail platform operators accountable for counterfeit goods…


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Taobao goes rural

Alibaba reported Thursday that it plans to expand its rural e-commerce initiative to 1,000 counties and…


Tech Innovation

Tencent, others launch China Blockchain Security Alliance

During the first China Blockchain Summit held in Beijing, 20 institutions established a security alliance….


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U.S. Supreme Court: states can now collect taxes from e-commerce companies

Upending a decades-long system, e-commerce companies now can be required to collect sales tax in…


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Sichuan: investors look to ‘land of abundance’

The government has significant development plans for Chengdu, the capital of the growing Sichuan region. By…