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Over 350,000 Chinese female consumer buy 12 bags a year

  Chinese women’s self-awareness began in the early 1990s. In the past, the stereotype that…


Business Stories

Starbucks is no longer popular in China?

  Starbucks 2018 global third-quarter revenue increased 11.5% (6.31 billion USD), profits increased 23.3% (850…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba launched the world’s first AI clothing store

  On July 4, 2018, Alibaba engineers launched the world’s first artificial intelligence clothing store,…


China 2025

Young Chinese consumers are the main consumers of luxury goods

  In addition to focusing on the young people market, luxury brands are accelerating the…


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Taobao Xinxuan opened offline store in RT-Mart

  Therefore, for Taobao Xinxuan, RT-Mart is one of the high-quality retail partners that is…


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Digital Marketing Case Studies: Globalising Chinese Brands

  Case Study: How do Chinese brands successfully build their own brands on the Amazon Marketplace?…


Business Stories

“The Colours of Italian Beauty”: Alibaba Meets The Italian and European Cosmetic Industry In Milan

The first cosmetic European conference organised by the B2C marketplace Tmall Global and its consumer…


Tech Innovation

Alipay: Innovate “Warm” technology that helps people. The world’s first blockchain cross-border remittance in Hong Kong

  This is another innovative exploration by Ant Financial in blockchain following charity donations, food…