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Cross-border news

Cross-border E-commerce: Kaola’s Acquisition is Off, Report Says

Alibaba and NetEase failed to agree on a price and the deal is off. NetEase believes…


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2019 CCEE Xiamen Kicks Off with Innovators from All Over the World

The future? Is here, in China. CCEE Xiamen will show you all latest news about…


E-commerce Platforms

Cross-border E-commerce: Alibaba is Ready to take The Leadership in China

Revolution in Chinese cross-border e-commerce sector. Is Alibaba acquiring Kaola? Rumors say that Alibaba might…


Business Stories

Amazon Never Gives Up! Now it Gears Up for Food Delivery in India, but Alibaba is Already There

American based e-commerce giant is entering in already crowed business. Amazon is trying to beat…


Cross-border news

New Retail: “Tmall Experience Center”, the Future of E-Commerce

The first ‘Tmall Experience is already in Shanghai. Other cities are ready to welcome the…


Cross-border news

E-commerce: Is Alibaba Acquiring Kaola?

It’s offcial: Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is in talks with NetEase to acquire its cross-border…


Tech Innovation

China is Literally Leading Video App Sector

YouTube is still number one, but Kuaishou becomes second highest photo and video app globally in…


Tech Innovation

Intel and Baidu together to Invest in 5G, AI and Autonomous Driving

Hi-tech, Intel and Baidu to Collaborate in 5G, AI and autonomous driving. What about Trump’s Trade…


Business Stories

Economy: Is China Ready to Reform its Financial Sector?

Li Keqiang: “China will intensify pilot regional financial reforms to enhance the role of finance…


China 2025

Forbes, World’s 500 Largest Corporations In 2019: China Matches America

China’s companies are rising in the global economy, matching the US. So China will surpass…