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Tech Innovation

Tencent “buys” Sugou. What’s Next? Baidu leadership is undermined 

Internet search is a huge business in China, and now Baidu’s leadership is shaking. What…


Business Stories

Bloomberg: “China’s economy will growth by 2.5% this year”

Chinese economy is growing again. Citing a survey of 67 economists, Bloomberg said that China’s…


China 2025

Environment: China will band Solid Waste Imports

According to lawmakers, the country’s law on preventing solid waste pollution poised to take effect…


Tech Innovation

Is Cainiao Ready To Expand Overseas?

Alibaba’s logistic unit is going to expand its operation overseas due to reach and speed…


Cross-border news

China Will Be the First Apparel Market by 2023

The growth in domestic demand is driving Chinese consumes. Now China is ready overtake US…


Cross-border news

Despite Challenges,  China’s Rural Commerce will Reach $240 bln This Year 

China’s rural e-commerce market, projected to reach about $240 billion this year.  The China Agricultural…


Cross-border news

E-Commerce: Alibaba, $1.4 Trillion in Sales Annually By 2024

Alibaba set a long-term plan: “By 2036, Alibaba should serve 2 billion consumers globally, create…


China 2025

Nikkei: “China regains 1.1% GDP growth in Q2”. But The Recovery is far from a V-shaped Rebound

The Country has confidence, strength to maintain economic development, but full-year estimate lowered to 1.6%…


China 2025

Beijing, LGBT Rights: Transgender Woman Sues Former Employer for Discrimination 

Chinese public opinion welcomes the historic court ruling on employment discrimination. The court: “Modern society…


Cross-border news

Shein, the Barely Know App that Rivals Amazon and H&M

With almost $3 bln revenue last year, Shein ranks 14th on a list of the…