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Market Insights

RT-Mart, Hema launch new supermarket concept

New supermarket concept He Xiao Ma has been launched by RT-Mart and Hema Supermarket, landing…



E-business means China: are you ready for CCEE 2018?

More and more foreign businesses are eying China as an attractive, very potential market for…


Cross-Border Regulations

FIFA: sellers on AliExpress can’t use World Cup trademarks

  Sellers on AliExpress are not allowed to use FIFA’s intellectual property, including trademarks and…



FiloBlu and B2B projects: a digital experience focussed around physical stores

From e-commerce to the physical retail network, still remaining in the digital field. Companies are…


Market Insights

Spanish brands succeed with Chinese e-commerce

Chinese e-commerce brings new opportunities to Spanish consumer brands. At the China E-Commerce convention on…


New Cities

Amazon Global launches e-commerce park in Xiamen

  Xiamen Cross-Border E-commerce Park has opened its doors, signaling the region’s readiness to embrace…


New Cities

Why is Chengdu so receptive to luxury brands?

Chengdu is a natural crossroads. The city of pandas and spicy hot leads in luxury…


China 2025

Alibaba CEO promotes New Retail in Japan

  Alibaba’s CEO recently traveled to Japan to promote its New Retail concept. Cifnews is…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba launches AI e-commerce translation tool

The former supervisor of Facebook’s AI translation team has joined Alibaba to launch the first-ever…


China 2025

Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou leading Chinese high-tech revolution

In the past, China has always followed and imitated Silicon Valley, but in the mobile…