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E-commerce Platforms

Zhihu Launches Livestreaming

E-commerce: Now Users can find answers in real time to questions   Zhihu is one…


China 2025

Douyin? Here the Future of Social E-Commerce

Today it’s clear how Douyin is showcasing the future of social and e-commerce. Focus on…


Cross-border news

Ningbo-Zhoushan port is ready to overthrow Shanghai as busiest hub in the world

As an economic powerhouse and world’s top exporter, it should  come as no surprise that…


Market Insights

eMarketer: “The Top Global E-Commerce Market will be China”

According to Global E-commerce 2019, with $1.935 trillion in e-commerce sales China will be main…


China 2025

China turns 70, What’s Next?

The PRC celebrates 70 years since Mao announced its birth in 1949. Changes in the…


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Save the Date: EU CBEC Forum 2019 – Cross-Border Through the BRI

Cross-border is showing us how China and EU have huge space and potential for exchanges…


Cross-border news

Stay Tuned: “Cifnews Membership Partnership” Will be Launched Soon!

Are you ready to work with the industry leaders of tomorrow? “Cifnews Membership Partnership” will…


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“Real like Me”: Alibaba launches new social app 

Alibaba’s new attempt to break into the social media sector following JD and ByteDance steps…



EU-China Trade in Numbers. Liège is Ready to Host First EU Cross Border E-Commerce Forum

Last year Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba inked an agreement with Belgium to open its first…


Our Events

From China to Liège: How Cross-Border Connects East and West trough BRI

Cross-border is showing to EU how China and Europe have such great potential for exchanges…