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Is Europe Next Battleground for Chinese E-Commerce Giants?

China is leading e-commerce sector. Today they’re seeking opportunities in Europe, a great change to…


E-commerce Platforms

Xiamen: Shopify Reveals Cross-border E-Commerce Strategies

Shopify tells Chinese firms how going global. Growing brand awareness and KOL marketing strategy the…


China 2025

Beijing Becoming Greener: Worldwide First Highway for Bicycles is Now Open

A highway for bicycles only? Beijing’s first bicycle highway opened to the public on Friday….


Cross-border news

Chinese Cross-Border E-commerce Overview: Top 3 Growing Platforms

Chinese cross-border e-commerce is growing. Chinese consumers are becoming more aware of international brands. Kaola,…


Cross-border news

China most popular cross-border destination for EU shoppers

Cross-border ecommerce is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. This is the key conclusions from the 2018’s…


China 2025

Chinese EVs Revolution: What’s Next?

China is the world’s largest car market, and the US comes second. Now PRC is…


Business Stories

Belgium: the new destination for e-commerce

Is Belgium the new destination for e-commerce? All facts let experts think yes. Moreover, China-Belgium relations…


E-commerce Platforms

Hi-Tech: “Share Dad App” Goes Viral in China

China had tried shared everything, an advertisement for “shared dads” has recently gone viral on…


E-commerce Platforms

Is Amazon Leaving China? Not Really, Let’s See Why

Amazon closed its online marketplace in China, but is not leaving the country. It changed…


Cross-border news

E-commerce in Belgium: numbers and potential

Belgian e-commerce market describes its acceleration stage. According to data consumer spending are growing steadily  …