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Cross-Border E-Commerce: VAT Rates in China to Get Lower 

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced that the government will lower value-added tax rates for certain…


New Cities

Budapest’s Key Role in Chinese New Silk Road

China is knocking to Europe’s door and Hungary is playing a key role in this…



Interview with OPPO, Chinese Smartphone Maker Celebrates 10 Years in the Mobile Phone Business

OPPO is one of the major smartphone maker both in its domestic market and around…


China 2025

After 30 years Chinese Smartphones overthrown US tech

On March 6, 1983, Motorola officially unveiled the first mobile phone ever. After more than 30…


Cross-border news

Top 5 Main Goals for PRC Economic Development in 2019

Chinese premier told annual political gathering the nation will face ‘a graver and more complicated…


Cross-border news, Market Insights

Cross-Border E-Commerce meets Luxury

The future of Luxury in China is online and PRC cross-border e-commerce platforms are busting…


Cross-border news

China – Wallonia New Cargo Train for Cross-Border E-commerce is running to Liege

China-Wallonia freight train for cross-border e-commerce leaves for Liege of Belgium. Beijing is ready with Brussels…


Cross-border news

Going Global and Innovation: two Keywords during Annual “Two Sessions”

China’s top political advisory body started its annual session Sunday afternoon in Beijing, raising the…


Cross-border news

Starbucks Launches with Alibaba its “Smart Self Kiosk”

In Hangzhou, China, Starbucks opened new self kiosk installed in select Freshippo stores   The…


Cross-border news

China is Largest Consumer of Belgian beers in Asia

According to data, China imported more Belgian beers than Japan, becoming since 2015 Asia’s largest…