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China 2025

Alibaba CEO promotes New Retail in Japan

  Alibaba’s CEO recently traveled to Japan to promote its New Retail concept. Cifnews is…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba launches AI e-commerce translation tool

The former supervisor of Facebook’s AI translation team has joined Alibaba to launch the first-ever…


China 2025

Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou leading Chinese high-tech revolution

In the past, China has always followed and imitated Silicon Valley, but in the mobile…


Business Stories

Social e-commerce is the future

Social e-commerce has become the trend to watch in 2018. Vipshop and Pinduoduo are leading…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba joins international Java organization

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba was invited to join the highest executive committee of the Java…



Customized products: how can you make a dream come true? FiloBlu tells all

From buying anything regardless to desiring a unique product – this is the evolution taking…


Market Insights

News Flash: Hong Kong rolls out new regulations for cross-border logistics

Some countries and regions that utilize Hong Kong logistics channels will have to follow new…


China 2025

China will show the world how to merge offline and online experiences

E-commerce trends are still difficult to understand. Hangzhou China Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition (CCEE) will help…


Market Insights

Tmall.HK’s offline shop can’t sell products directly to consumers

Due to regulatory policy that prevents direct retail sales of overseas products, Tmall.HK’s offline shop…


Market Insights

Fang Wang: How to introduce overseas brands to China

  When buying overseas products, the most frightening thing for consumers is the specter of…