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Business Stories

The Arise of Chinese Banks

Today Chinese banks are leading top 20 largest world banks by total assets   China…


E-commerce Platforms

Tesla opens its Amazon Store. But Alibaba is selling cars since 2014!

Tesla opened its Amazon Store with exciting goodies for consumers. Is Jeff Bezos ready to…


China 2025

Green Tech: TOP 4 Chinese Sustainable Cities

Is PRC a green leader? No joke: China is building and developing eco-cities.  Here’s how…


Tech Innovation

Chongqing completes first 5G driverless bus driving test

First 5G driverless bus debuts in Chongqing. According to local authorities “this technology will be applied in…


Market Insights

Apple celebrates Chinese New Year with  ‘Shot on iPhone’ film ‘The Bucket’

In commemoration of Chinese New Year, which falls on Feb. 5, Apple last Thursday posted…


Business Stories

Beijing and Tokyo are Making Asia “Great Again”?

2018 was the year of “grassroots reconnection” between Japan and China. Experts in Tokyo recently…


China 2025

Davos 2019: BRI Won Recognition from Delegates all around the World

World Economic Forum panel upbeat about benefits of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. “China has…


Business Stories

Five keywords due to define China’s economy in 2019

Last year, China’s GDP hit the 90-trillion-yuan mark for the first time, growing by nearly…


Business Stories

Economy: Jiangsu GDP Achieved US$ 1.3 Trillion

It marks the first time a Chinese province has achieved a GDP of 9-trillion-yuan, with…


China 2025

Three Turning Points about How China is Promoting Recycling

How does China deal with its own waste? In many ways, China is already an…