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Cross-border news

Alibaba and Liege Airport for E-commerce

Belgium has signed on to become a member of the Electronic World Trade Platform– the…



And ‘China Awards’ prize goes to Cifnews

The ‘China Awards’ are back, and Cifnews was protagonist of the event. “It’s an honor…



Cifnews for Middle East: CCEE comes to Dubai

China Homelife Dubai, the MENA region’s largest Chinese sourcing expo has partnered with CCEE to…


Cross-Border Regulations

E-commerce: China Promotes Market Access

After the decision to put in act a new law for cross-border e-commerce, China moves…


China 2025

Trade War: Washington and Beijing Called a Truce

China and US agreed to suspend new trade tariffs for 90 days. Donald Trump understood…


New Cities

Not only Beijing or Shanghai, these 5 PRC Cities’ Economies are Booming

In the not-so-distant future, more than half of the rich Chinese will be in cities…



Interview With Shopee: E-commerce goes Global

Is Southeast Asia the future of e-commerce? According to Shopee, yes. Cifnews spoke with Vera…


Business Stories

Tencent celebrates its 20th anniversary, but Shenzhen-based giant had bruising 2018

Pony Ma steers the company with new business plan. After seesawing 2018, Tencent CEO is…


E-commerce Platforms

Facebook opens to digital payments, but it’s late!

Is Facebook trying to become a bank? In August US tech giant already expressed this…


China 2025

5 Things you Have to Know about 5 Chinese “Silicon Valleys”

In the past, China has always followed and imitated Silicon Valley, but in the mobile…