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E-Commerce in Germany? is the Answer

 What do you need to know about selling into Germany e-commerce market? gives us…


E-commerce Platforms is Rocketing. Now is Indonesia’s sixth unicorn

The country now has six unicorn companies, where three of them are in the e-commerce…


Business Stories

 American Chamber of Commerce : “Companies confident in prospects for PRC economy”

75% of companies have expressed optimism regarding the Chinese economy for the coming year  …


China 2025

How Can we use AI in E-Commerce? 

AI will have a dramatic impact on the market in ways we can only imagine….


Business Stories

 Chinese E-Commerce has Taken a Big Hit from the Covid-19. “It could still be a long-term winner”, say experts

Chinese e-commerce hit hard by novel coronavirus outbreak. PRC consumers have made few e-commerce purchases, but …


Cross-border news

Alibaba: Impressive Results for December 2019

Alibaba beats analyst expectations: $23.2 billion revenue in Dec. 2019 quarters. An increase of 38%…


Cross-border news

E-commerce: Indonesian Platform Orami Launches its Parenting App

Social commerce spreads outside China. Orami now has tens of thousands of members across 75…


Market Insights

China, Men are Revitalizing Luxury Retail

China’s men lift the luxury market. By 2025 Chinese consumers will purchase half of the globe’s…


China 2025

Coronavirus: JD Uses Drones to Deliver Goods in Wuhan

Top priority? Delivering medical supplies. Beijing based e-commerce giant uses L4 autonomous driving androids to…


Cross-border news

“Alibaba Effect”: Liege Airport, 362 million Parcels in 2019

Cross-border is showing to EU how China and Europe have such great potential for exchanges….