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Cross-border news

Going Global and Innovation: two Keywords during Annual “Two Sessions”

China’s top political advisory body started its annual session Sunday afternoon in Beijing, raising the…


Cross-border news

Starbucks Launches with Alibaba its “Smart Self Kiosk”

In Hangzhou, China, Starbucks opened new self kiosk installed in select Freshippo stores   The…


Cross-border news

China is Largest Consumer of Belgian beers in Asia

According to data, China imported more Belgian beers than Japan, becoming since 2015 Asia’s largest…


Business Stories

Amazon China is discussing Merger with Chinese Cross-border E-Commerce platform Kaola

Amazon’s China unit and NetEase’s cross-border e-commerce site Kaola reportedly have been in talks over…


New Cities

Top 5 PRC Cities with Highest Growth Rate

In China, lower-tier cities are challenging the dominance of first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai…


Cross-border news

Chinese Fashion World Paid its Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

Tributes paid to designer Karl Lagerfeld by Chinese fans. But a controversial topic on Weibo…


Market Insights

Amazon without China will Disappear

On Amazon marketplaces 40% of sellers are based in China. Third-party sellers from China dominate…


Senza categoria

China, Belgium to strengthen cooperation

China, Belgium set model for China-EU cooperation. Beijing is ready with Brussels to strengthen the…


Tech Innovation

NASA: China is making planet greener

NASA Satellite images credit China with one-fourth of world’s new greening   According to latest…


China 2025

Self-driving electric harvesters point to future of China’s agriculture

Shift to automation is key for the farming sector of the world’s second largest economy….