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China 2025

Top 4 Amazing Examples of Tech Innovation in China

Today PRC is an innovation leader. Here are just some of the most amazing projects…


Business Stories

China Is Exporting E-Commerce Culture to Africa

PRC sets model for African e-commerce. From Egypt to South Africa, Chinese hi-tech firms such…


Cross-border news, E-commerce Platforms

Cross-Border E-commerce: Vietnam is the Fastest Growing Market in Southeast Asia

Vietnamese cross-border e-commerce market is booming. Vietnam calls for further Chinese investment in hi-tech projects  …


Cross-border news, Cross-Border Regulations

China Adopted New Foreign Investment Law

“The law will give more people confidence in China,” said Adam Dunnett, secretary general of…


Cross-border news, E-commerce Platforms

Social Commerce: Little Red Book new Program Goes Viral on WeChat

Little Red Book launched a social commerce mini program “RED Shop (小红店)” which suddenly became…


New Cities

The 5 Most Exciting Asian Startup cities

Where to startup in Asia?  Still now the Asian startup scene remains somewhat of a…


Cross-border news, Cross-Border Regulations

Cross-Border E-Commerce: VAT Rates in China to Get Lower 

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced that the government will lower value-added tax rates for certain…


New Cities

Budapest’s Key Role in Chinese New Silk Road

China is knocking to Europe’s door and Hungary is playing a key role in this…



Interview with OPPO, Chinese Smartphone Maker Celebrates 10 Years in the Mobile Phone Business

OPPO is one of the major smartphone maker both in its domestic market and around…


China 2025

After 30 years Chinese Smartphones overthrown US tech

On March 6, 1983, Motorola officially unveiled the first mobile phone ever. After more than 30…