Baidu, completed the 5G autonomous driving test in the new hi-tech city



Xiongan was the test scenario positively concluded by Baidu, in collaboration with ZTE and China Telecom


The time for a totally autonomous driving in China could be around the corner. Baidu, operator of the largest browser in the country, successfully completed the first road test, based on a 5G network environment.

The road test, a real step forward in the field of autonomous driving research, was achieved thanks to the collaboration between Baidu, ZTE and China Telecom. The success of the test could open wide and interesting scenarios for the topic, given the essentiality of a reliable and high-speed network for driverless cars. Security, in this sense, is the first concern of the developers.

The test, as reported by the Xinhua agency, was completed in Xiongan, a new development zone created last year under the direct orders of Chinese President Xi Jinping.


Xiongan should turn into a hi-tech hub and present some of China’s latest innovations


Baidu, within the autonomous driving research, plays a very important role, having been directly indicated by the central government as a guide for the country’s technological/automotive development.

The company, which has recently been granted a license to conduct self-guided road tests in Beijing, is a partner of the local government of Xiongan in the development of intelligent transport and autonomous driving.

Xiongan, which includes three counties in the neighboring Hebei province, should turn into a hi-tech hub and present some of China’s latest innovations, as outlined in Xi’s technology project.


The accident occurred in Uber in Arizona does not stop the development of autonomous driving


The Baidu project on autonomous driving, therefore, goes on despite the problems that the new technology has found in the USA, where a driverless Uber car has caused an accident in which a 49-year-old woman in Arizona has lost her life.

Robin Li Yanhong, CEO of Baidu, defended autonomous driving, saying it was much safer and caused fewer road accidents than human drivers.


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