Baidu, partnership with China Telecom for AI and 5G



Total agreement between the two Chinese companies for operators in different fields: 5G, smart homes, cloud services and autonomous driving


Baidu, the Chinese technology and AI giant, announced its intention to deepen its collaboration with China Telecom to cooperate in fields such as 5G, smart homes, cloud services and autonomous driving.

As part of the global strategic partnership, the application of Baidu’s smart speaker technology and products will be promoted to introduce smart gadgets and services to more Chinese families in the coming years.


Baidu expects to be able to create telecommunications applications based on AI


Baidu and China Telecom are working together, in particular, on the area of ​​edge computing, a basic 5G technology, and will explore edge computing platform services and research for the development of artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, the two parties will exploit their strengths in the presence of 5G and in their autonomous driving skills for the commercial use of driverless technologies.

Baidu CEO Robin Li expects that the enhanced partnership will accelerate not only industrial upgrading but also create scenarios of AI-based telecommunications applications.



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