Beijing Becoming Greener: Worldwide First Highway for Bicycles is Now Open


A highway for bicycles only? Beijing’s first bicycle highway opened to the public on Friday. Less car and health life the new mantra


According to Xinhua, Beijing’s first elevated highway exclusively for bicycles has opened last Friday, connecting Huilongguan, one of the capital’s most populous residential zones in Changping District, with Shangdi, a rapidly developing high-tech industrial zone in neighboring Haidian District.



The 6.5-kilometer-long track has over 5,000 accompanying parking spaces to leave your bike conveniently at night and hop up again the morning. The six-meter-wide express way will accommodate two-way, four-lane bicycle traffic and is designed without any traffic lights whatsoever. To prevent it from becoming too congested, the road will only have a total of eight exits and entrances at key areas. Pedestrians, electric bikes, and other vehicles will not be allowed to access the express way.



With this “bicycles only highway” Beijing city aims to decongest its roads from cars. Second, it may seem absurd, but despite the excellent public transport network, 20 million of “Beijingers” still love to ride on two wheels. The road will have only a total of eight exits and entrances in key areas. Pedestrians, electric bicycles and other vehicles will not be allowed to access in any way.About 370,000 residents live in Huilongguan but work in Haidian. The new bicycle highway can cut the commute time for cyclists from an average of 40 minutes to just 26 minutes. Beijing aims to build 3,200 kilometers of bike lanes within the city’s Third Ring Road by 2020.

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