Belgium: the new destination for e-commerce


Is Belgium the new destination for e-commerce? All facts let experts think yes. Moreover, China-Belgium relations built a bridge between Asia and Europe


From being just a gateway to the European market, Belgium now plays a crucial role in building a bridge that links China with the EU. And by strengthening their relations, the two countries set a model for Asia-EU cooperation.

Belgium was the first Western country to provide China with interest-free loans and also the first country to establish an industrial cooperation fund with the PRC. As a result, today, the country is China’s sixth largest trading partner in the EU, whose bilateral trade volume once exceeded $30 billion.

Belgian e-commerce market describes its acceleration stage. We already observed that Belgium is an e-commerce sweet spot that is full of potential. Here we are going to sum up five challenges and opportunities for enteprenuers. Why is Belgium the new destination for e-commerce? Here 5 opportunities:

First, Belgium, as  strong and stable economy, is considered  one of the most attractive markets for e-commerce activities, growth potential and infrastructure. Second, the country is densely populated and tightly-packed with top-notch logistics and distribution. ThirdBelgium is at a central location in a major market – a region that enables you to access markets across Europe. Fourth, the region is surrounded by  Europe’s and even the world’s most important e-markets, right in the middle of a whopping 72% of the EU’s internet sales activity (Flanders Investment and Trade). Fifth; local government is willing to transition as quickly as possible to the digital era.

Belgian e-commerce is once again heading for a record year. From a merchant perspective, e-commerce data revealed 11.5 million people, out of a total population of 17.3 million, bought something via the internet in 2018. They spent 22.5 billion euros online in 2017 (+ 13%), representing 201.7 million online purchases (+ 17%). This results in an average online spend of 1.957 euros in 2018. While we are still waiting for exact numbers for 2018, they are forecast to hit 25 billion euros in online purchases (GfK).


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