Big fees for Chinese New Year travellers on WeChat Pay and Alipay




Vacation travellers spent 1.2 billion RMB (about $ 180 million) using WeChat Pay from February 4 to 9


Chinese travellers spend in a technological way. According to data released by Tencent‘s ubiquitous app, WeChat – but also Alipay, Alibaba’s payment platform – has changed the way Chinese tourists spend domestically and abroad.

During the travels the small cities of fourth, fifth and six levels constituted over 40% of all WeChat transactions and, in total, holiday travellers spent 1.2 billion RMB (about 180 million dollars) using WeChat Pay from 4 to 9 February.


Over 823 million WeChat users have sent or received virtual hongbao, “red envelopes” full of money, an increase of 7.1% over the holiday season of last year’s Spring Festival


Alipay Alibaba, on the other hand, announced that users born in the ’60s or’ 70s were the driving force behind the growth of tourism and China’s outgoing expenses. According to Janice Chen of the Alipay cross-border business unit, the platform, which is now accessible in more than 40 markets globally, is “a huge project for overseas merchants as a platform to help grow their business”.

But surprising is France, which has entered the top 10 foreign countries with the largest volume of spending compared to WeChat Pay, reflecting the growing adoption of the platform in Europe. Tencent’s social media platform also released a number of other user behavior statistics.

According to app data, the main non-continental destinations for WeChat users during the holidays were Hong Kong, Macau and Bangkok. Alipay said that 450 million people, or about a third of the Chinese population, took part in his “Five Blessings” cash prize event (our translation).




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