BMW, license for ride-hailing in Chengdu



BMW will use 200 models of the new 5 Series, mainly hybrids


In Chengdu, capital of the southwestern Sichuan province of China, the German carmaker BMW has obtained a license for the ride-hailing service. The service will therefore be launched in the city starting in December, according to local authorities.

According to information released by the company, the project involves the use of 200 models of the new BMW 5 Series, mainly hybrids. The German company will also go digging to find even exclusive buyers, looking to the high-end market.


So far, Didi Chuxing has had market dominance, but things could change


Didi Chuxing has so far dominated the Chinese ride-hailing market, but things may change now. In fact, even though Didi Chuxing offers services to 550 million users worldwide, a growing number of car manufacturers are entering the market.

The German company Daimler and the Geely Group company in China, which owns the Caocao horse transport platform, have set up a premium joint venture for the ride, dividing the commitment by 50% each.

Wu Chungeng, spokesman for the Chinese transport ministry, said last month the growth of market players laughs, has been a good incentive for competition, bringing more choice to the various Chinese consumers.



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