Brain-Computer, the first chip is Chinese



The system allows you to control electronic devices using only brain waves


An important result for China that wants to become autonomous in the production of chips. In fact, China has made a breakthrough in the search for Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) chips, with its first BCI chip “Brain Talker” making its debut at the ongoing World Intelligence Congress in Tianjin.

BCI is a system that allows you to control a computer or other electronic device using only brain waves, without requiring any movement or verbal instruction.


The chip is able to identify the information sent by the brain wave from the cerebral cortex


The revolution with Brain Talker, specially designed for decoding brain wave information, with which it will be possible to replace the traditional IT devices used in BCI, is possible thanks to its more portable dimensions, decoding precision, high efficiency in the calculation and greater capacity of communication.

Ming Dong, director of the Academy of Medical Engineering and Translational Medicine of Tianjin University, said the chip is able to identify the minor information of neurons sent from the brain wave by the cerebral cortex, efficiently decode the information and greatly accelerate the speed of communication between brain and machine.


In the future, the chip could be expanded to be used in different research fields


Brain Talker was jointly developed by Tianjin University and China Electronics Corporation, with completely independent intellectual property rights.

Cheng Longlong, a data scientist from China Electronics Corporation, said the development fields are endless. According to Cheng, scientists will work to improve the performance of the chip for wider use in the fields of medical care, education, home life and games of the future.



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