Buy a Car With Your Face in Just Two Minutes


John Doe wants to buy a new car, but he has postponed the plan because the long lines and red tape that accompany driving tests and vehicle purchase are daunting. However, on Dec. 13 Mr Zhang ordered a new car using Tmall’s Car Vending Machine. The process took just two minutes because Mr. Zhang completed the purchase via face recognition.

It’s official – the first Tmall Car Vending Machine is set up in Shanghai. Customers can purchase a car without talking to an employee by making an appointment on the Taobao App, and then entering a facial recognition system. As part of the staffless car buying experience, Tmall lets customers test drive cars for up to three days.

Yu Wei, the General Managing Director of Tmall Car, believes that the core of this self-service car testing and purchase experience is Alibaba’s Big Data technology, which lets Tmall offer a more convenient and efficient consumer experience. Furthermore, consumers’ desire is informed by how comfortable they feel while shopping.

How It Works

When a customer stands in front of Tmall’s Car Vending Machine to make an appointment, the screen shows a QR code. After scanning the code, the customer gets more information about the car, including make and model, price, and test drive fee.

Customers must first pass the requirements of the Zhima Credit System, a personal scoring methods launched by Alibaba Group’s Ant Financial. After deciding the time and place to pick up the car using the digital interface of the vending machine and signing on the dotted line, they’ll receive keys in a matter of minutes. The free test drive service lasts for three days.

As of Dec. 13, customers in Nanjing can also take advantage of Tmall ‘s Car Vending Machine. Throughout 2018, Tmall will set up over ten car vending machines in first, second, and third-tier cities in China.


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