ByteDance, the search engine is online




The company’s search portal is finally online, although it is only optimized for mobile devices


ByteDance is trying to succeed in a great challenge. The most profitable Chinese startup, in fact, has begun to recruit technical personnel to build its own search engine. The result is a compartment that is well separated from the general search function in its content aggregator app, Toutiao.

Although optimized for mobile devices only, the company’s search portal is now online. The search engine took the name of Toutiao Search and has a tagline that translates as “search for what you want to see”.

According to initial information, which comes from a ByteDance spokesperson, the company has no plans to release an app for independent search engines, at least for the moment.


Toutiao Search is designed to function as a generic search engine


The function of Toutiao Search is essentially divided into two tasks: on the one hand, it is designed to function as a generic search engine, on the other, it also highlights the contents shared on the ByteDance platforms. Among these, we find Weitoutiao, where verified users of Toutiao share public posts, and the short video app Douyin, which is the national analogue of the popular TikTok globally.

ByteDance’s opponents must find new strategies. During the recent earnings appeal of Sogou, the second largest Chinese search engine, CEO Xiaochuan Wang admitted that ByteDance’s entry into this space had a negative impact on advertising revenue. Sogou has indeed reported that his total income has increased by only 1% on an annual basis.




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